Each ml of TAKELIN 1000 injection contains Citicoline 125 mg

– Disturbance of consciousness resulting from head injury/head trauma.
– Disturbance of consciousness resulting from brain surgery.
– Disturbance of consciousness in the acute stage of cerebral infarction i.e ischaemia due stroke. Citicoline treatment within the first 24 hours after onset in patients with moderate to severe stroke increase the probability  of complete recovery within 3 months.
– Acceleration of rehabilitation of the upper extremities in patients with postapopletic hemiplegia. Patients with relatively mild paralysis of the lower extremities within one year of onset and under rehabilitation with the usual oral drug therapy: as cerebral metabolism activating or cerebral circulation improving agents.
– Concomitant therapy with “protease-inhibitors” in the treatment of :
• Acute pancreatitis.
• Acute pancreatite after operation.
• Acute exacerbation of chronic recurrent pancreatitis.