Mersifarma Tirmaku Mercusana abbreviated PT. Mersifarma TM, hereinafter referred to as Mersi, which means ”Making International Standard Research Equivalent Drugs”.

With the “Prima Setia” guideline as a basic value and commitment, Mersi is successful in delivering work and satisfaction to its customers. In the era of globalization and increasingly stringent requirements to meet the latest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Mersi has successfully passed these requirements by obtaining certification from the BPOM (National Agency of Drug and Food Control of Indonesia) from around 200 pharmaceutical  industries in Indonesia.

With the support of more than 1,000 factory employees, as well as 110 support staff and 700 sales personnel throughout the Indonesian Archipelago.

Mersi continues to grow into one of the pharmaceutical industries to be reckoned with. Mersi continues to develop innovations for a better life, in accordance with its motto. “Good Quality Improves Life’s Quality”, by developing quality and superior new products to meet the needs of society.

Mersi is determined to continue to improve the capacity and quality of its distribution services in order to reach the entire Indonesian Archipelago. Now Mersi is a provider of “the main and most comprehensive health service in the field of CNS (Central Nervous System) medicine”. Mersi has become the largest health product company in Indonesia in the CNS field.

During the company’s establishment, business development has been intensively carried out through strategies for other pharmaceutical companies, building superior product brands and reaching international markets.

Mersi is a health product company that is integrated with innovation, marketing strategy, brand development, distribution, research expertise and production development in the form of its mission to provide and market quality, evenly distributed, sufficient and affordable drugs to the widest community to improve public health status. Indonesian and International.

With its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification, Mersi has collaborated “Toll Manufacturing” with reputable pharmaceutical company in Indonesia.

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