Mersi’s Pharmaceutical factory sits on a sprawling land area of 78.000 sqm at Cikembar, Sukabumi (West Java) occupying buildings of approximately 13.652 sqm.  The Government of Indonesia’s Ministry of Health through the (formerly) Drug and Food Directorate General of Drug and Food Control granted the Pharmaceutical Operating Permit to Mersi on November 26th, 1998.

Mersi is also an accredited holder of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate and is permitted to produce 17 product items.  At 2005, Mersi produces 75 pharmaceutical products and the company is projected to expand and grow productions to keep in line with the aim of the Indonesian Government to achieve Indonesia Sehat 2010 or (Health For Indonesia by 2010).  As a young dynamic pharmaceutical company, Mersi enjoys a sound global reputation as our quality products are distributed in countries like Cambodia, Timor Leste, and Middle Estern countries such as The Republik of Yemen.  Through strategic business development, global expansion will continue to thrive in the coming years with exports made accessible to more countries worldwide.

In the coming year, Mersi plans to improve its level to product development by acquiring the latest manufacturing machinery as well as increase its market presence through active participation in medical and pharmaceutical events both domestically and abroad.  Interested parties who wish to visit our Mersi Manufacturing Plant in Cikembar, Sukabumi are welcome to contact us to arrange for a mutually convenient time to meet.